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Top 5 Reasons to Fly Private
Privacy? Convenience? Safety?
Read about the benefits of private jet travel here.

Private Flying Options
Do you buy a plane? Buy part of a plane? Get Card Membership or Charter on Demand? More...

Aircraft Types
See the specifications for different Private Aircraft here.

How Flying Private Works
Find out how private jet travel works and what it costs in this article.

Certified private jet providers exceed exacting standards, find out about private jet safety here.

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Chartering a Jet
On demand charter is generally the least expensive and most flexible way to get involved in flying private... More Info

"Fractional Ownership"
Buying a fraction of a plane is an easy way to enjoy many of the benefits of owning a plane without many of the hassles. These programs generally allow you to get involved at significant savings to owning a whole aircraft... More Info